Public Art / puhb-lik ahrt
1. Public art is art in any media that has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to all.

Painted Pompano Round 2: Schools of Art Artists

Due to the original project’s success, the City has completed a second round of Painted Pompano fish entitled School of Art. The pompano fish is the City’s namesake and a symbol of the identity of Pompano residents. The project consists of 12 five foot tall fish sculptures each of the sculpture has been individualized by artists in varieties of styles and finishes focusing on themes of periods of art history.

Donald Gialanella: Steelhead
Gregory Dirr: Celtic Fish
Missy Pierce: Something Fishy
Sebastian Magnus: Cubist Fish
Mary Fragapane: Go Fish
Beth Dubow: Homage to Joan Miro
Carlos Inocente Gonzalez: Klimt Fish
Ivette Cabrera: Decotropolis
Marcos Conde: Poseidon
Amir Shakir: Endless Apogee
Alejandra Abad: PEZ Nouveau
Chan Shepherd: Geo-ikhthus


“Playtime” by Carlos Inocente Gonzalez located at 595 NW 21 CT PARK.

VisualEYES: Visionary

As part of the Broward 100 program, the County and the City partnered together for the VisualEYES project which features a select group of renown South Florida Artists who created murals around the County. Murals have been created in each of the nine County Commission Districts, including one in Port Everglades. The artists conducted community engagement workshops in which they worked closely with residents to understand the social issues and identities of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Artist Cecilia Lueza was selected to create and install a mural on the exterior wall of the Bailey Contemporary Arts. This alley is in the process of being transformed into a Mural Alley. Her mural, entitled Visionary, is the third mural to be installed in this Mural Alley thus far. Visionary is an evocative mural that celebrates Pompano Beach’s pioneer women whose important contribution and dedication to the community helped define the City’s history and identity. Cecilia states, “My purpose was to create a meaningful yet beautiful mural that engages the public while providing a focal point and a sense of place for the building.”

For more information on the VisualEYES program, please visit


Created by artist Emma Anna, IMAG_NE is a modular sculpture that resembles a giant Scrabble letter holder. The artwork engages audiences to engage directly, photographing themselves as the missing “I”. The message behind this sculpture is that the viewer is to imagine themselves where they want to be, to dream, to be the “I” in imagine. This artwork is part of Pompano Beach’s permanent collection and travels throughout the City. So far, IMAG_NE has been placed at the beach, Annie Adderly Gillis Park, and is currently located in Palm Aire.

Old Town Mural

A meticulously detailed, hand-painted mural by South Florida Artist Carlos Gonzalez has been installed on the exterior wall located at 135 NE 1st Ave. Titles “Old Town”, the 98 foot wide mural depicts a timeline of images by archive photographs, existing landmarks and historic sites of the Community. The artist arranges these images in a fantastic collage were each one comes out in vivid colors to tell their own story about their time linking the past, the present and a brilliant future. The Public Art Committee selected Mr. Gonzalez’ design from the Old Town Mural Program competition.

Inside Out

The City of Pompano Beach’s Public Arts Committee was excited to support several proposals to participate in Broward100’s Inside Out project. Inside Out is a global art project that gives communities all over the world a platform to express themselves through black and white photographs. Inside Out gives community members the opportunity to share their portrait and make a statement by capturing a collective message through headshots of individuals which are printed on posters, pasted on public spaces and archived online. This global platform allows people to tell their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art.

The posters were temporarily installed on three buildings in the City: The Bailey, The Pompano Beach Amphitheater and the E. Pat Larkins Civic Center. They have now been removed.

World Peace Mural

Artist Renda Writer is currently participating in a World Peace Mural Tour. This is Writer’s 8th World Peace mural. It is located on the exterior wall at 122 N. Flagler Ave. The mural is part of a World Peace Mural Tour and international art campaign. For more information on the Mural Tour, please visit

All Hand on Deck

The framework for this project is a Cuban Refugee Boat which came ashor in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida in December 2015. Through a grant by the Broward Cultural Division, Casey Eckles of Trash to Treasure created a project that spoke about the importance of maintaining healthy waterways. This eco-artwork is all about raising awareness to the connection between the kinds of products we regularly purchase and their full impact on the environment. Most plastic used to cover the boat was collected at local beach cleanups over a six month period. A recent report stated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the world’s ocean than fish. By exposing plastic’s true life cycle and its effects on the eco-system, we learn to become more responsible via better choices. Under the guidance of the artist SusieQ, over 200 people contributed to this public collaborative. Some collected and/or gathered and cleaned beach plastic, others affixed one or more of the thousands of found beach items to the boat. Major sponsors were Flex Seal, Sailorman and Sal’s Towing. This project is located at Harbor's Edge Park, 1240 NE 28th Ave.

A Place I’d Rather Be

A vinyl wrapped mural has been installed on the newly created Pompano Beach Pier Parking Garage located at the Northeast corner of A1A and the newly built Pier Street. The mural, entitled A Place I’d Rather Be, is by artist team Mike and Donna-Lee Savlen. The parking garage also is adorned by a series of twelve five aluminum sails (four on each façade). The design and fruition of the garage is due in special thanks to Currie Sowards Aguila Architects, Inc. and Kaufman Lynn, Inc. In addition, the supervision and management efforts by Lansing Melbourne, Inc., and the City’s CIP Manager, have made it possible to keep the project on budget and on schedule. This iconic parking garage is anticipated to be open to the public on June 30, 2016, ahead of the 4th of July celebration! Created by Mike and Donna-Lee Savlen.

Barefoot Mailman

In July 2014, the City issued a Call to Artists requesting submissions from qualified artists to create a bronze sculpture of the Barefoot Mailman. As part of a public art project funded and managed by the City of Pompano Beach Public Works, the sculpture was designed specifically to be located on the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge. The top ranking artist was Mario Chiodo, who has completed approximately 30 bronze figurative sculptures, including many monumental sized works. Mario Chiodo has envisioned a fresh and new iconic image for the legend of the Barefoot Mailman. The artwork depicts a Mailman traveling at top speed, determined and focused, his supplies and mailbag flying in the air. Mr. Chiodo’s sculpture presents a more exaggerated and exciting perspective for the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge. While the artwork is inventive, the detail and accessories help to capture a moment in time and continue to tell the story of the Barefoot Mailman. Chosen for its expression, dynamic form, movement, craftsmanship and attention to detail, this major work of art has been installed in its permanent home ont the Hillsboro Inlet Bridge.

Painted Pompano

The Painted Pompano series is the City of Pompano Beach's first large public art installation. The project consists of 12 five-foot tall pompano statues that are placed in various locations throughout the City. Each of the Painted Pompano sculptures has been individualized by artists in a variety of styles and finishes.

On March 23, 2015, the twelve sculptures were unveiled and soon thereafter installed throughout the City. They will remain in place as temporary exhibits for a period of two years.

We would like to offer a giant thanks to the following artists who have done such an amazing job in making this project a reality:

Caron Bowman: Mermaid | Jim Collins: Pop Pop's Pompano | Prince Emmanuel Abiodun Aderele: Colors of Pompano | Brenda Gordon: Yellow Polka Dots | Deborah Gregg: Big Fish Small Pond | Brenda Leigh: Leaping Lady | Tim McClellan: Anatomy of Pompano | Missy Pierce: Pompano Romp | Agata Ren: Pompano Pop | Gene Shurakov: Silver Streak | Magnus Sebastian: Rusty Guppy